As retail outlets, financial institutions require carefully branded, easily adaptable and cost-effective facilities.  But unlike the retail environment, the construction of banks and credit unions require a significant knowledge of specialized systems.  Broaddus Construction is an expert in the construction, renovation and expansion of financial facilities, including planning and coordination with the bank’s specialized equipment, security and IT vendors.  Our decades of experience have also made us intimately knowledgeable about issues that can greatly affect the cost of a facility, ranging from soil conditions to local code compliance issues.


Our staff is equipped to handle the challenges of working with diverse municipal requirements, bank vendors, designers, and boards of directors to achieve the finishing product in a timely manner and within budget.  We understand the banking market’s requirement of attention to customers’ needs and operational efficiency, while maintaining aesthetic appeal.  Our experience in this field of construction and our belief in customer relationships has propelled Broaddus Construction to be considered a preferred general contractor with our financial clients.

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