At Broaddus Construction, we have a unique understanding of the needs of higher education clients, specifically higher education and academic health systems in the state of Texas. Many of our staff members have previously been employed by higher education facilities and therefore have intimate knowledge of the needs, challenges and obligations they face. We are acutely aware of the financial and schedule challenges that academic institutions face when they decide to undertake a building project, and make meeting these goals our number one priority.


Our project portfolio spans from new ground-up campuses to single facilities, including academic healthcare, art centers, laboratories, student housing, laboratories, athletic facilities, libraries, student centers and academic offices. In each of our higher education projects, we remain cognizant of each institution's approval procedures, funding processes, and fixed calendars. We recognize the value each of the stakeholders brings to the process, and we are good stewards of the institution's funds, whether private or public. Our dedication to understanding academic goals and our network of regional offices has enabled us to become a leader in building cost-effective and quality-driven education projects.


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