At Broaddus Construction, we understand that an important part of serving owners is project safety. An effective safety program ensures projects stay on track and goals are achieved. We utilize Best Practices and programs to support our vigilant commitment to creating a safe workplace. Safety training, measurable safety goals and an ongoing safety training program are part of every project with our firm.


An integrated culture of safety begins with the example set by our leadership. Starting with our President and extending to each level of our project staff, a consistent focus on safety instills a sense of accountability among our project staff, sub consultants, and stakeholders. Working closely with our clients, our safety professionals proactively coordinate with all stakeholders to customize our approach to make sure we’re planning, implementing, and executing an effective safety program for our projects.


To reinforce this practice, Broaddus Construction supports recognition programs that don’t just focus on how to implement safety programs, but also why we do it. After providing thorough construction safety training, we verify and recognize adherence to the program through both short and long term incentives. These initiatives are focused not only on the success of our projects, but also on the well-being of each team member on the site.